Dangerous Conversation: Military Industrial Complex

DC POST IMAGEWhat exactly is the Military Industrial Complex? Where did it come from and who warned us about it 55 years ago? How much money have the top ten defense contractors made in the last 10 years? What’s up with the Wikileaks and Hillary and Syria?

Am I about to enter the solar industry? What exactly is PNAC and did they plan out all these wars? Was Bush 2 an idiot or a sly fox? Ooooh, I feel a rant coming on big time. Why am I personally so pro cannabis? Does Immortal Tech have it figured out? Also, lets see if we can get Prophets Of Rage to recognize Rebel Inc.

This week’s Carlin’s Corner is Doug Stanhope’s rant on big pharma and a pill’d up nation. Oh….and yes, being back in rock radio feels fun again.

All on this week’s Dangerous Conversation!

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