On The Beach: Episode 33

On The Beach LogoOn the latest episode of “On The Beach” Pants gets you caught up on his dating life (like you give a sh*t). Is he still dating “The Red Woman”? What about his bromance?

When you start dating someone new, how do your exes know??? It’s seems like they have a sixth sense. Rollergirl gives us her theory.

How much should you tip for bad service?

Finally, we pay tribute to the “Greatest Of All Time” as well as that dude that used to beat the sh*t out of people in parking lots.

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One Response

  1. JohnnySandToes

    guys, Rollergirl has redeemed herself. Ok, she does some balls. Pants, you have no balls. Tipping bad service? Needing sour cream? no way! Listen, the server might not have made the food, but having come from the restaurant industry myself, servers can also be the first to rattle a kitchen cage or tell someone to get off their butt.. They could’ve busted some heads and said “Where the hell is my table’s food?”. If not, that’s bad service. Second, Rollergirl ends up preferring the authentic tacos and suddenly she’s not so bad after all.. Apparently she’s a woman of great taste and discriminating mind. Pants not so much. In this episode.


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