On The Beach: Episode 31

On The Beach LogoIn this week’s episode, Rollergirl will tell you why she’s not online dating anymore. You won’t believe what this guy said to her!

Pants is going out with a new chick that’s really hot! There has to be something wrong with her right?

Feet… Do they turn you on? What’s your ideal body type for the opposite sex? Do you ever check your phone during sex?

Finally, why the hell won’t Rollergirl’s mom stop bugging her?????

…….. all of that and much more fun and frivolity!

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  1. JohnnySandToes



    are a very personal thing. They are literally the chariots of each and every single person. Don’t need to be the expert here, but feet are quite simply a very intimate vehicle (pun intended) to the essence of a person, and what relationship said person has to their ‘feet’. ie, abused.. showcased.. um, washed.. etc. Says a lot about someone.

    Additionally, I like Kathy.. great gal.. but completely un-intimate. Intellectual, yes.. somewhat personal under a ripe OCD paradigm.. but hardly the arbiter of women at large. Don’t stop doing what you do tho…


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