Banter Is Coming: “Book Of The Stranger”

Banter LogoPants and Rollergirl have reunited for another episode of Banter Is Coming! In this week’s “Game Of Thrones,” lots of other characters reunited but none were as touching as Jon Snow and Sansa Stark’s reunion. It just got us right in the feels.

Also on this week’s show:

– One of our favorite characters is back! What’s Littlefinger up to next?

– Tyrion strikes a deal. Marjorie needs a bath and Lorris has seen better days.

– The women really take charge in this episode… except for Osha. She dies.

– There’s a new romance budding at Castle Black.

– The Mother of Dragons opens up a can of whoop ass on the Dothraki

……. AND MORE NUDITY!!!!!! (No, not us, you pervs!!!!!)

Check it out!

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