Banter Is Coming: “Oathbreaker”

Banter LogoJon Snow is back! So are Pants and Rollergirl with an all new episode of the best podcast in all of the Seven Kingdoms, “Banter Is Coming.”

This week, we review Episode 3 of Season 6 titled “Oathbreaker”…..

– Jon Snow makes his triumphant return to Castle Black and uh… the living.
– Daenerys meets her new “friends”.
– Tyrion gets drunk… again.
– Brandon Stark pulls another Marty McFly this week and Pants has a theory that you HAVE TO HEAR.
– Cersei’s still pissed.
– Ramsey’s still a dick.
– Arya gets her eyes back

…….and another kid gets killed. What else is new!!!!

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