Beyond The Badge: Freddie Gray – One Year Later

VIncent Hill editedOn this episode, Vincent looks back at the Freddie Gray case one year later. Where do things stand? What, if anything, has changed in Baltimore? Looking back, what could’ve been done differently? How is the world different a year later?

Also, Athens, GA police shoot a black suspect who was captured on body can reaching for his gun. Family says white officer overreacted and should have not shot because suspect was drunk. Really? Being drunk makes it alright?

Vincent Hill, a former Nashville police officer, private investigator, author, and television law enforcement analyst, gained national notoriety following the Steve McNair/Sahel Kazemi murder suicide in Nashville on July 4th, 2009 and has authored two books, “Playbook For A Murder” and “Incomplete Pass,” on the subject after conducting his own investigations. He has also been a frequent contributor to Nancy Grace on HLN, various shows on CNN and Al-Jazeera television, and has been featured on “True Crime with Aphrodite Jones” on Investigation Discovery.

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