Dangerous Conversation


My Dangerous Conversation vision goes like this. It will always have a diverse pallet of topics and information. To me great talk radio contains, first and foremost, Entertainment. Entertaining you is always #1 on a great show, always! Then comes Information. With Science, Energy Solutions, Health and Medicine, to Technology, Spirituality and Religion, History, Food, Politics and Alternative Media/Ideas just to name a few. And let’s not forget the fun stuff like Pop Culture, Entertainment and Sports.

Let’s face it, life is tough enough and we need our hobbies and distractions, I know I do. But most importantly, great talk radio leaves you with these 2 things. Inspiration and Hope. The more we know as a society. I am really big on critical thinking. It drives us into a more prosperous world for the many. I can promise you a huge stable of compelling guests, you’ll hear more than one opinion on Dangerous Conversation.

Also I have to admit, I do enjoy pushing peoples buttons a little and I hope after checking us out, you’ll be pushing our button on your device or the Net and keep coming back.

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