The acclaimed author/filmmaker/public speaker says there are 140 in Congress alone! Loudon unpacks how/why this corruption, presently raging on unexposed, has us on the brink of a Marxist takeover. His works include books “Security Risk Senators,” “House Un-Americans” and the DVD, “Enemies Within The Church.”

Information for Trevor Loudon:
X (formerly Twitter): @TrevorLoudon1
Facebook: @TrevorLoudon
Truth Social: @TrevorLoudon

Upcoming Podcasts:: Isabel Brown (available 5/14); Professor Nicholas Giordano; Will Witt; Tracy Beanz.

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2 Responses

  1. Frances Gillespie

    Trevor Loudon is right. Trump is someone who can clean house. Either leave the country or testify!

    The others are corrupt and making money by selling us out to China. Nadler and Schumer are 2 Jews who care more for the commies than they do for Israel. They must go. Mitch McConnell is 82 years old, married to a Chinese and one of the biggest RINOS of the Republican party. We must win this election! Those Muslims will kill us all.

    Cleaning up our voting fraud will take some brave trustworthy souls who will get a few spys and make them rat out the rest. We need a hugh meltdown. Loudon has some great ideas!

    • Gary Binford

      Tell it like it is, Frances. That’s most certainly what Trevor does. He not only has a wealth of knowledge, but he shares it fearlessly. We need more warriors like him. Thanks for watching and for your spot-on comments!


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