The former journalist, now an investigative author, exposes the danger of the historic, intentional, policy-driven, catastrophic-level mass migration at our southern border, as well as invisible ways people are illegally entering our country. His latest book is entitled, “Overrun: How Joe Biden Unleashed The Greatest Border Crisis In U.S. History.”

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2 Responses

  1. Frances Gillespie

    Todd Bensman has gone into great detail to explain why Biden has been the worst person ever to sit in the oval office.

    The remain in Mexico policy has worked with Trump and this is the person who deserves to be our President. It is no secret that dems have been flying the illegals in w/o our knowledge.

    It is up to us to elect DJT on Nov.5th 2024. Our lives depend on it. These terrorists will murder us and take our homes and we can’t allow this to happen.

    Thanks for making us aware of how very important it is to be rid of these dems.

    They have managed to make every city and state that they occupy a sh*t hole

    • Gary Binford

      Yes, indeed, our lives depend on re-electing President Trump–if we want to remain a free nation. We’re teetering on the brink, as Todd broke down in regard to our borders and national security. I’m surprised people aren’t more aware of what’s going on and that those who know aren’t raising the roof about this. Thanks for watching and for commenting, Frances.


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