The founder of True the Vote, a Houston-based, citizen-led nonprofit organization devoted to preventing voter fraud, provides reasons why we must do more than vote/how to get involved. She introduces the IV3 web-based app that empowers voter participation.

Information for Catherine Engelbrecht/True the Vote:
X (formerly Twitter): @TrueTheVote
Truth Social: @truethevote

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2 Responses

  1. Frances P. Gillespie

    Catherine Engelbrecht Is a excellent informed guest and I am glad this discussion is on youtube.

    It is very difficult to win an election in a blue state that is using corrupt voting machines. How can we get any honest results from the states that are sanctuary cities?

    The illegals are being registered as dems as soon as they cross the border. Glad you brought up the illegals crossing the border and will be counted in the census.

    What we need to win is a large middle class who are fed up with gas and food prices and will swamp the polls to vote for Trump. Biden hates Americans and will be working to create more lawfare in New York against President Trump. A criminal trial won’t keep former President Donald Trump off the campaign trail. Trump is gaining more support in the swing states.

    Thanks again for another great program.

    • Gary Binford

      Thanks for commenting, Frances. Catherine is a very dedicated and courageous person who did not shrink or cower when the forces at be came after her for daring to look into the validity of elections her home state of Texas quite a while ago. She’s put in the time, the effort and has provided us with a vehicle, through True The Vote, to do all we can to make sure the 2024 elections are fair, no steal this time. As for President Trump, the more they go after him, the more his numbers rise in the polls. His adversaries are well aware of this, but they keep up this unprecedented madness anyway. Their call; their loss. As for you, keep up the great fight! You’re a great American!!!


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