Guest Tanya McCready shares the fascinating story of life with her family and their sled dogs in scenic and beautiful Canada. She smiles as she recounts how getting a pet Husky decades ago led to an amazing journey of ups and downs. She provides vivid descriptions for Hosts Heidi and Tommy of life on the ranch, riding on the sleds, feeding time with a huge pack, raising children, and more! In addition to their own sled dog business, husband Hank has also competed in the Last Great Race – The Iditarod, and Tanya is now a sought after motivational and leadership speaker.
During the host chat, Tommy notes that a recent trip to a horse show provided valuable insights into dog training and behavior – both good and bad, which is a common topic on the podcast. Listen/Tune in and enjoy an exhilarating ride with the Winterdance sled dogs!

Episode Links:
Winterdance Sled Dogs
Tanya’s TedX Talk
Link to Iditarod Podcast Episode

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