The internationally-recognized investigative journalist delves into his latest book, “Indoctrinating Our Children To Death”; the public school horror is our nation’s primary issue; kids are being indoctrinated to hate God, truth, the Bible, parents, the church; culture is upstream from education; the government school system is built on a foundation of evil; why parents didn’t realize what was going on; the situation is worse than we imagined; kids are being taught the exact opposite of the truth/being turned into revolutionaries willing to torch our nation; solutions to the problem/pastors must get involved. He’s the senior editor of The New American magazine.

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6 Responses

  1. Frances Gillespie

    Alex Newman is an excellent guest who brings out what is wrong with our country.
    There are too many days the left has set aside to glorify transgenders. Why should this be observed at all when it is represents less than 1% of the population? Transgender Day of Visibility was a big mistake to be observed by the dems on Easter Sunday March 31.

    Our children are suffering for these lies as they undergo sex change surgeries w/o their parents knowledge when they question their sex as young children sometimes do. Doctors who do this to our young are sick, money hungry Psychopaths.

    There was no trans day till Barack Insane Obama took public office. Their climate change, green new scam and opened borders are destroying our cities. This is not tolerable by the millions of Americans we call the middle class.

    For those Wall Street tycoons who contributed over $25 million last week to Biden’s re-election campaign, they should be aware of the following: Both Michelle and Barack have had their records sealed so no one can prove that either one of them are the sex they claim to be either physically or mentally.

    Members of the Obama family as well as classmates have spoken out as to who these two charlatans really are. It is about time all skeletons came out of the closet. Obama has done more harm to our country than any president before him, except for corrupt joe. Malik Obama, Barack’s older half brother voted for Donald J. Trump in 2016. We should all vote for Trump who follows the Constitution and loves Americans. He will make America great again and bring back the values we grew up with.

    • Gary Binford

      Thanks for listening and thanks for commenting, Frances. All great points. All spot on! Alex Newman absolutely, positively gets it. This was his fourth appearance on my podcast. I truly enjoy conversing with him. And I treasure your comments, I really look forward to them. You have a keen understanding of what’s truly going on behind the scenes in America, as well as what’s being flaunted right before our very faces. You’re a great patriot, Frances. You should have your own show!

  2. Carol McBreen

    Excellent broadcast!
    Know Gary and have seen Alex speak before on different subjects.
    They’re fighting the good fight and God Bless them for it.
    Will tell others where to watch and listen.

    • Gary Binford

      Thank you for commenting, Carol. Good to hear from you, you are a great patriot! Yes, indeed, Alex brings the heat. I actually lucked into this one, though, topic-wise. Having just added a video format in Jan. of 2024, I’m still in the process of bringing back on guests who listeners liked previously on the audio podcasts. Alex is one of them; this was Alex’s fourth appearance on my show. I didn’t learn he had a new book out until two days before we pre-recorded. Right on time, wouldn’t you say? This is a very serious topic because our children eventually will be the future of our nation. They will determine whether America remains free, goes Marxist or worse. It’s contingent upon us to make sure they know the facts, the real facts. So I hope and pray people heed Alex’s wake-up call while we still have time to do something about the horrific public school system and the anti-God, anti-America direction it’s programmed to take us.

  3. JB

    whatever happened to all the kids taken from their parents at the border during the Trump administration

    • Gary Binford

      Thanks for watching/listening and commenting, JB. In regard to kids being taken from their parents at the border, that’s an Obama administration issue. Remember the kids in cages? If the Obama administration closed the border and if the Trump administration was allowed to do what the Obama administration didn’t do, problem solved.


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