The noted author/journalist/feminist addresses the LegiSector bills/laws project; an informed electorate is our nation’s solution; the Democratic Party has become unrecognizable; globalists in both parties don’t want Trump as president; global elites seeking power are our sovereignty’s greatest threat; her conversion from Democrat to Independent; spiritual delusion is keeping liberals from leaving the Democratic Party; our differing views on gender; how we can help save our nation; Marxist Democrats will ramp it up attempting to keep Trump from winning. She‘s the co-founder of Daily

Information for Dr. Naomi Wolf:
X: @naomirwolf

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  1. Frances Gillespie

    Dr. Naomi Wolf was an excellent choice to be seen on video. I had heard her before on your podcast.

    You both spent some time talking about the dems and trans people . IMHO, (I don’t know how censored you are by youtube and if you are, please take my following comment down). This is Obama’s third term. He is running a shadow government and Biden is the puppet. There were no trans operations performed on children till Michelle and Barack got into office. There is something fishy about Michelle. Both of their bios do not add up. Wayne Allen Root who went to Columbia and graduated the same year Barack claims to have graduated, can not be proven. Obama’s records have been sealed. The professor never saw him and no one else ever saw him at Columbia. What happened to the Obama’s Chef? Why is it we never heard from the Chef’s wife after his tragic death? Why did Barack’s older half brother Malik support Trump in 2016 and vote Republican?

    Europe is having an Islamic problem, an invasion of people who want to take over the governments and control the populace. The democrats are controlled by the
    radical left.

    Trump’s media company started trading on the NYSE under the ticker symbol DJT. World leaders want to work with him and the people made his Truth Social company one of the fastest rising stocks. Citizens have had enough of the left’s abuse and since we are not better off than we were 3 and a half years ago, Trump will be our 47th President

    • Gary Binford

      You worked overtime on this one, Frances. Thanks for commenting. This was Naomi’s fourth time on my podcast. We were looking at each other at all times, but the audience couldn’t see the first three because the show previously was audio only. I truly enjoy speaking with her because she’s willing to bare her true feelings on camera and engage in open dialog. She’s come a long way in the last few years. She’s got a ways to go to completely put together the pieces of the puzzle in regard to who all the enemies of America are. But she’s making strides in support of We The People’s quest to remain free. As for Obama, yeah, he’s involved in running things. I’m a true believer that evil eventually will come to the light, so his day is coming. Thanks for your support. Keep up the great fight!


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