The longtime public school educator speaks on her 2022 run for governor in Georgia; correcting Georgia’s faulty elections system; the positive shift in GOP polling interest; wanting alpha men to run the country; her unwavering support for President Trump; the script flipped from Trump onto Fani Willis; her appreciation and heartfelt concern for Taylor Swift/will Taylor endorse Joe Biden again; her family’s chilling swatting experience; focus of her informative show; importance of the 2024 elections/the need to get involved; America First vs. globalists. She hosts the “Jesus, Guns & Babies” podcast on the Stew Peters Network.

Upcoming Podcasts: Gene Ho (available 2/13); Mel K; Trevor Loudon; Tracy Beanz.

Information for Dr. Kandiss Taylor :
Social media platforms: KandissTaylor
Rumble: Jesus, Guns & Babies

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2 Responses

  1. Frances Gillespie

    After listening to Dr. Kandiss Taylor, I can tell that she means well and would be a good governor for Georgia or represent us very well in the Senate.

    I agree that we must get rid of the QR code. Paper ballots is the way to secure our elections. It has been proven that fraud was committed when the voting machines were used.

    Taylor Swift is a very dumb person. I would never listen to her music after I heard she was for Biden. Many of us don’t watch the grammys or anything else from Hollywood.

    Thanks for another interesting program. I knew what swatting was before this program. How sad that the dems play so dirty.

    Sincerely, Frances P Gillespie

    • Gary Binford

      Dr. Kandiss Taylor for governor; the Georgia GOP establishment have heart palpitations at that very thought. What Kandiss did was expose the system that keeps true conservatives from ever getting traction. She was a guest on my audio podcast while she was running and we quickly became friends. She’s the real deal. All I’ll say about Taylor Swift is I hope she either awakens and comes to understand she’s been supporting Marxists and Communists, or stay out of making political statements this time around. Thanks for your comments, Frances. People who support my podcast know that you love our country and don’t want to see it surrender our Constitutional Republic to the globalist agenda. Not in our lifetime. No way, no shape, no how! So keep on truckin’ Frances. Or better yet, keep on dancing!


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