The host of the nationally-syndicated “Chosen Generation Radio” show addresses never imagining being confronted with the gender issue/embracing Communism; the radical left redefining/turning morality into a social issue; the devastating cost for not adhering to God’s righteous standard; cultural redefinition where evil is good and good is evil; the critical importance of following the Bible; the danger of laws that legalize immoral behavior; society’s destructive embrace of deviance/perversion; Marxists’ infiltration of seminaries/higher academia; questioning being created by God; truth has become subjective; the horror/danger at the southern border; surviving a catastrophic car accident; our Founding Fathers’ God-centered vision for America; solutions begin in our homes; healing/wholeness through a true encounter with Jesus; start taking back our communities at the local level; the importance of the 2024 election; President Trump then and now.

Information for Pastor Greg Young:
X: @cgrschedule

Upcoming Video Podcasts (beginning mid-Jan. 2024):
Morgan Brittany; Donna Fiducia & Don Neuen; Clare Lopez; Dr. Kandiss Taylor; Gene Ho; Mel K; Trevor Loudon; Tracy Beanz

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