The veteran broadcaster delves into why we’re moving toward toxic critical mass in pivotal areas designed to separate/divide/conquer American citizens; we can’t rely on the establishment media; the rise/need for the vanguard alternative media; closing our borders/what to do with people here illegally; D.C. corruption furthering the progressive/Marxist agenda; correcting/preventing election fraud; the Ron DeSantis/Gavin Newsom debate; leftists are imploding in their desperation to maintain power; Democrats’ lock-step/shoulder-to-shoulder Communism-agenda push; a call for an informed, disseminating electorate; we must have term limits. He hosts “A Conservative Perspective.”

Information for James Bostick:
A Conservative Perspective: (Sundays) (Thursdays)
Gettr: gojira1962

Upcoming Podcasts:
Pastor Greg Young (available 1/2).

Upcoming Video Podcasts (beginning mid-Jan. 2024):
Morgan Brittany; Donna Fiducia & Don Neuen; Trevor Loudon; Clare Lopez; Dr. Kandiss Taylor; Gene Ho; Mel K; Tracy Beanz.

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