The podcaster/author of the new book, “America’s Last Stand: Will You Vote To Save Or Destroy America in 2024?” unwraps the Democratic Party’s “Santa Claus sham” policies; the subservient-to-government fallacy; you ain’t American if you can’t correctly figure out who to vote for between Trump and Biden; Democrats are the anti-American party; the insidious strategy behind the “Trump is a monstrous threat to democracy” false narrative; Democrat policies fail by design; surviving/remaining a conservative while working around liberals; Rush Limbaugh’s great gift; authentic racism vs. contrived racism; why 2024 is our last stand; Trump can win in 2024/Republicans shamefully trying to take him down; get involved, it’s time to serve our nation; mic drop: Ron DeSantis; the Publius PR firm; this book provides tools for us/others to save our nation. He hosts “The Drew Allen Show” podcast.

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  1. Frances Gillespie

    Thank You Gary!
    Drew Allen is a most interesting guest. I always love to hear stories about people who used to be a dem and have changed to the Republican party. He learned a lot from Rush Limbaugh.
    I thought some of your comments were excellent, especially about Red Fox. I used to listen to his jokes and loved him. It is horrible that they would treat you so badly in the diner with your friends. I’ll bet the owner of that diner was a dem.

    Dems are the worst race offenders. I especially liked the story you told about being in Alabama when they treated you well. Biden is the worst fake president and the biggest racist we have ever had as a person on his level. We are all for Trump and the dems have weaponized the system to try and take him out.

    Glad to hear that Drew Allen knows the election was stolen by the deep state and has written a book on elections and how to talk to dems. I agree with what he says about DeSantis….a professional politician. Ron needs more time and has been disloyal to Trump. .
    This has been one of the best programs ever.

    God Bless!

    • Gary Binford

      Thank you for your thoughts, assessments and comments on Drew Thomas Allen, Frances. Me also. He’s the real deal; we need more like him in his age group, which is under 40. Drew gets it and he penned it. American will change for the better the more people buy/read his book. Both of us have been blessed to have a wealth of negative experiences at the time that we’re now using to enlighten and educate others. Keep up the good fight, Frances. And don’t let them grind you down!!!

    • Drew

      Frances if you feel comfortable send Gary an address and I would love to send you a signed copy of the book!


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