The host of The Ron Edwards American Experience broadcast and The Edwards Notebook Commentary cuts loose on history repeating itself has led to national devastation; too many people want destruction/are willing to lose their lives for evil; the importance/history of Thanksgiving; American students may crash/burn due to the lack of wisdom; the value of parents raising their children the right way; previously-prospering Detroit’s demise; preferring despair/poverty over Trump’s successfully economy; family breakdown brought about national breakdown; how discipline personally saved us; strategies used to destroy black families; focusing on restoring our entire nation; Martin Luther King Jr./Malcolm X/Muhammad Ali; church attenders vs. born again; the continuing conflict with his neighbors; everyone in New York previously loved The Donald.

Information for Ron Edwards:
Truth Social: @theedwardsnotebook1
Instagram: the_ronedwards
Gettr: @roneamericanexperience
Facebook: Ron Edwards; Friends of the Edwards Notebook

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Drew Thomas Allen (available 12/5); Daryn Ross & Randy Mansell; James Bostick; Pastor Greg Young; Morgan Brittany; Donna Fiducia & Don Neuen.

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