The author/professor/columnist shines a hot spotlight on people are waking up, finally realizing we were right; we’re being targeted by a new kind of warfare; losing her longtime leftist legacy media status/completely rejected and cancelled by Democrats in 2021 was a blessing in disguise; newfound support from conservatives, libertarians, pastors, rabbis; returning to the Democratic Party is not an option; sudden Communist revelations on Bernie Sanders, the Green New Deal; the issues vs. the revolution; Jews/Muslims together in the Democratic Party; the massive attack against God; we need prayer and God’s help to beat this beast. She’s the co-founder/CEO of Daily Her new book is entitled “Facing The Beast: Courage, Faith and Resistance in a New Dark Age.”

Information for Dr. Naomi Wolf:
X: @naomirwolf

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2 Responses

  1. Frances Gillespie

    In 2010, Wolf compared some of President Barack Obama’s actions to those of Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler as typical of dictatorships. I read this in Dr. Naomi Wolf’s Wikipedia bio. Wikipedia is a leftist bs site run by Google and filled with lies. However in their write up of Ms. Wolf, they did not go far enough. IMHO, Obama is far more dangerous that Hitler ever was. He has enabled Hamas to attack Israel and given Iran the money to have a nuclear weapon.

    The end of our Republic was Obama’s goal and he almost accomplished it through his shadow government , but Trump came back to declare he was running in 2024
    at which point we found out how weaponized the dem party was.

    We are a Judeo-Christian nation and those that know this could never be democrats, commies and gender confused. Having been a Republican all of my life and never having taken the vaxx, I appreciate the struggles of those who have come a long way to get here though thoughts, God and the re-education culminating in the freedom it has brought.

    Your guest is an excellent choice and I enjoyed the interview. I would be interested in more of what she has to say in a return session. You are both excellent in bringing out the best in each other.

    God Bless!

    • Gary Binford

      Thank you for comments, Frances. This was my second interview with Naomi. The third already has been recorded and will air this coming Tuesday. I truly enjoy speaking with her because she’s candid and transparent and not only understands that she’s been wrong about quite a few things politically, but is willing to talk about them openly and honestly. She answers my questions in regard to how liberals think, how she used to think, even if some of the responses she admits are now somewhat embarrassing. I’ve told her multiple times that I admire that she left the Democratic Party plantation because few in her position ever do. They remain there even after learning the party is run by Marxists and Communists. That she openly admitted things like she liked the Frankfort School when she learned about it in college, and agreed with leftists who blasted President Trump after he moved our U.S. Embassy in Israel from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem, but has come to change her position on both, shows real growth and a willingness to accept truth wherever she finds it.

      As for the country, keep up the good fight and don’t let them grind you down. I don’t think I really need to say that to you, though. As Mr. T used to say on the back-in-the-day TV series, The A-Team, “I pity the fool” who dares to get up into your grill.


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