The talk show host/public speaker breaks down why we’re in an exciting but scary time; saw this coming, we told you so; We The People finally have had enough; hood-ish, wood-ish, boldly on the forefront; no compromising her morals/values; escaping the Democratic Party plantation; from a dark background into the light of Christ; kicking off the Faith Over Fear Revival, Saving Sinners Tour; proud to be an American; rebuking snowflakes, wokeness, cancel culture. Donald Trump, the biggest blessing America has ever seen. She hosts the daily on-line TV show, “Real News with Lucretia Hughes.”

Information for Lucretia Hughes:
Rumble: RealNewsWithLucretiaHughes
Truth Social: @LucretiaHughes
X: @cre35

Upcoming Podcasts:
Kevin Sorbo (available 10/24); Vince Everett Ellison; Naomi Wolf; Ron Edwards; Donna Fiducia; Pastor Greg Young, Daryn Ross & Randy Mansell

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