The political commentator/conservative podcaster/author of the book, “Do Not Comply: Taking Power Back from America’s Corrupt Elite,” identifies the selfish elite determined to strip away our freedom/turn us into slaves; leftism is their new god; the left’s fearful fake “blob” includes racism/climate change/COVID; bought and paid for big media intentionally is lying/actively working against us; from college dropout to working at PragerU; red-pilling his mother; focusing on ideas/values to change minds; historical damage caused by “the greater good”; the beauty of unpopular opinions/Abraham Lincoln; slavery then/sanctity of life now; what President Trump does is more important than what he says.

Information for Will Witt:
Social media: @thewillwitt

Upcoming Podcasts:
Kevin Sorbo; Vince Everett Ellison; Naomi Wolf; Donna Fiducia; Ron Edwards; Daryn Ross & Randy Mansell

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2 Responses

  1. John Foy

    Thanks for introducing me to Will Witt through this broadcast, Gary. This is the first I’ve heard of him. He sounds like a very intelligent and sincere protector for all of mankind. I will be following him from here on.

    • Gary Binford

      Glad to hear you’ve discovered Will and will follow him, John, pun intended! Will is young (under 30), conservative, gifted and gets his points across in a manner that anyone who is interested in truth will understand what he’s talking about. Thanks for commenting!


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