The tour’s organizer/emcee/host unpacks the event in Miami at the Trump Doral on October 13th/14th with guest speakers including Don Jr., Eric and Lara Trump, Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, Mike Lindell, Alina Habba, Kash Patel, Alex Newman, Christina Bobb, Jim Breuer; three big issues we face are medical fraud/BRICS nations engaging in economic warfare against the U.S. dollar/election fraud; how he got involved/teamed up with Lt. Gen. Flynn; stopping America from being over; wisdom begins with a healthy fear of God. He hosts the business-oriented Thrive Time Show podcast.

Information for Clay Clark:

Upcoming Podcasts:
Will Witt; Kevin Sorbo; Vince Everett Ellison; Donna Fiducia; Ron Edwards, Daryn Ross & Randy Mansell

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3 Responses

  1. Frances Gillespie

    Dear Gary,

    Your guests are always Patriotic and Clay Clark fits right in with your superior line up of guests. So delighted to hear him quote from the bible as he talked about fearing God and wisdom.

    I will be attending Club 47 to hear Trump speak on Oct 11th in Palm Beach. Wishing you and all of the great speakers who be attending the Trump Doral on the 13th and 14th, a fantastic time. I hope you will take some pictures and share them with your FB friends.

    Sincerely, Frances P. Gillespie

    • Gary Binford

      I would love to take pictures at the ReAwaken America event in Miami, Frances. Only one problem. I won’t be there!!! Wish I could attend, though. It will be quite an event. I do believe seven of the speakers have been guests on my show, including Lt. Gen. Flynn and Trump attorney Christina Bobb, who rocked my broadcast twice. Thanks for your comments, always on point. Keep up the good fight!!!

  2. Carol McBreen

    Congratulations on your first video podcast with Morgan Brittany. Had no idea she was so politically active-thankfully for the Conservative causes!
    She was delightful, and thoroughly enjoyed your conversation.
    Keep up the good work.I may have to go on X to follow you both!
    Thank you,
    Carol & Tom McBreen(JBS)


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