As wokeness reaches horror movie levels, Rice’s 2022 book, “The Woking Dead: How Society’s Vogue Virus Destroys Our Culture,” has resurged to top the Amazon book charts. The public relations maven delves into anti-wokeness crusaders, led by President Trump; wokeness/election integrity/medical tyranny/political tyranny are our primary issues; wokeism as a Cultural Marxism vogue virus infecting even churches and public schools; using humor to illustrate truth; corporations choosing wokeness over customers; big tech is a Cultural Marxist dream; the woke crayon box contains many colors; wokeism knocking off people groups; Monica Crowley/Laura Ingraham backstory; He’s the CEO of the Publius PR firm.

Information for A.J. Rice:
X: @PubliusPR

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2 Responses

  1. Frances Gillespie

    An excellent with Author A.J. Rice who is also my Facebook friend.

    We believe in the same things. We stand strong as Patriots.,

    Must get rid of woke and dems so that we may live our lives the way God intended.

    • Gary Binford

      Thanks for listening and commenting, Frances. A.J. is a millennial who gets it. He’s a patriot who will continue to drive a stake through wokeness until its dead and buried. I had a blast recording him again. His company, Publius PR, has provided my podcast a multitude of guests including Dr. Ben Carson, Kari Lake, Judge Jeanine Pirro, Peter Navarro, Christina Bobb, Naomi Wolf. Quite a blessing!


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