The border expert addresses why Biden followers have lost their logical minds; the dark side Neo-Marxist hipster philosophy warring against our Constitutional Republic; why the media/politicians ignore the open southern border; Democrats’ lust for power; illegals coming here to dominate instead of assimilate; former ICE Director Tom Homan/“Death County and the River of Broken Dreams” documentary series backstory; border wall porous spaces; refreshing innovative border sheriffs; his journey from viewing God as a flat tire repair guy to becoming a Christian apologist; we must elect pro-Constitution, pro-border security politicians. He’s the CEO of Defend The Border and Director of The United West.

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2 Responses

  1. Frances Gillespie

    I came to your page to listen to your podcast on FB. What a great show!!
    You certainly have the right guest in Tom Trento because this issue is so important.
    Without a border wall, we are not a sovereign nation.

    We all want the America that we grew up in. It is obvious we have been infiltrated by a horrible Marxist bunch of thugs who have no respect for our Constitution.

    Democrats hate Americans and I hope they will join Republicans and elect a real president.

    • Gary Binford

      Thank you for your comments, Frances. It’s total hypocrisy that the same people who want that southern border open all live in gated communities. Try to invade their properties and see what happens! A nation without borders is not a nation. They know that. But they don’t care. It all fits into their Marxist/Communist revolutionary agenda. Thanks for listening in.


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