The renown national security analyst shines a searing spotlight on our nation’s evolving/changing enemies; it’s We The People vs. “them”; the mainstream media’s faulty polls; people love President Trump outside of any-city-USA; getting involved/holding politicians’ feet to the fire; standing against “woke” military chief nominee Gen. CQ Brown/the upcoming nationwide drag queen “family friendly” Christmas tour; Republicans should send Democrats a powerful message by uniting to impeach Joe Biden; President Trump has exposed corruption in both parties; starting her journey living seven years in a Lebanon underground bomb shelter; loving/bringing back America. She’s the chairman of ACT for America.

Information for Brigitte Gabriel:
Twitter: @ACTBrigitte

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2 Responses

  1. Frances P. Gillespie

    Dear Gary,
    Thank You very much for having Brigitte Gabriel on your show.
    I have always admired this courageous woman from Lebanon and what she had to endure. My friends who came from Lebanon were fortunate enough to get out before the corruption and poverty had made this a third world country. Her living conditions reminded me of Anne Frank who did not make it, sadly and died at the age of 16.
    I agree with everything she has said, especially regarding General Brown whom this administration has selected to lead the Military. He is a Racist who believes in DEI and I have heard his comments before. We cannot have a woke military. We need to impeach Biden and end Obama’s 3rd term. It is imperative that he be removed before the job of destroying our country is accomplished.

    Your guests have the most important thing in common. They are all Patriots who are fighting to save our country. We all have to do our part to help them.

    Sincerely, Frances P. Gillespie

    • Gary Binford

      Thank you for your on-point statements, Frances, for being a consistent listener to the show and for the kindness you’ve shown toward me in your comments. Brigitte truly is an American success story. She’s been there, survived through it and is here to tell us about it, pulling no punches along the way. She’s courageous and knows what she’s talking about. This was her third appearance on my show. I really enjoy conversing with her. A true Patriot, indeed!


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