The conservative political cartoonist extraordinaire addresses merging his passion for drawing and politics to vent/express his beliefs; lasting only a week in art class; his father’s role in shaping his conservative values; red pill experiences; success came through social media instead of print media; difficulties choosing daily topics; different responses for positive and negative cartoons; emphasizing the Biden family’s corruption because the media won’t; dealing with sensitive topics; three favorite people to draw; toasting Mike Pence; why globalists hate President Trump; ticked off people.

Information for A.F. Branco:
YouTube: @antoniobranco7532
Twitter: @afbranco

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2 Responses

  1. Frances P. Gillespie

    Dear Gary,
    Thank You for having A.F. Branco on your show. We are 3 of a kind!
    I especially enjoyed this because I paint and draw and am self taught.
    Throughout time, we express by drawing what words can’t say.

    As a Conservative I believe what Antonio does about global warming and wokeism,
    We did not have to deal with that garbage when we were growing up. I have a lot of respect for people who speak out. From Pence, to the MSM to the border and big government, we Conservatives stand strong with Truth and God!

    We certainly know the difference because we think for ourselves. We know what freedom of speech is. If DJT were our President, we would be practicing our 1st amendment rights w/o censorship.

    Thanks again for bringing the light to all of us. You are doing a fantastic job.

    Sincerely, Frances Gillespie

    • Gary Binford

      Thank you for commenting, Frances, and for being who you are, a strong Conservative. Yes, Antonio and I and you think very much the same. There are more of us than the Marxist left and disingenuous mainstream media wants us to believe. You probably could tell that I was amazed that Antonio got bounced out of art class and is self-taught. He’s so talented. Once again, thanks for your support. Keep up the good fight!!!


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