The internationally-recognized scholar/author expounds on why God and politics must mix; shunning Christianity severely has cost the modern world; losing touch with reality via the cultural war; the Golden Triangle of Freedom; the need for consumer boycotts/buycotts; conservative Christians are the majority of the future; the rapidly-growing Latino Republican constituent; massive demographic polling shifting toward President Trump; wokeness eventually will defeat/destroy itself as reality fights back; the upcoming ramped up, all-out leftist assault on the 2024 presidential election; Republicans need an incredible ballot harvest strategy/massive turnout to win. Dr. Turley is the host of “Turley Talks.”

Information for Dr. Steve Turley:
YouTube: @DrSteveTurleyTV
Rumble: DrSteveTurley
Twitter: @DrTurleyTalks

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One Response

  1. Frances P. Gillespie

    I started typing and I guess the words disappeared so I shall start from my first thought.
    Thank You for presenting a man who has a positive and enlightening vision for us
    Dr. Steve Turley was most informative and upbeat because I share his vision.
    Living in a small town around people who believe in God is a very uplifting thing.
    There are those who strive for all sorts of worldly goods but the true happiness is knowing that our rights are God given and that the majority of Americans have old fashioned values.
    If people would read the Constitution they would not fear Jack Smith much. The law is clearly on Trump’s side as he is protected by the laws that govern his documents. Smith is trying to use some antiquated law from 1917 that does not pertain to Trump’s documents. I certainly hope we can get this case heard before a non partisan judge.
    The things we want in a President is what Trump has given us. A President who loves all Americans and will keep us out of wars. We can once again export our oil and leave the EVs to China. We can beat the Chinese in an economic way.


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