Unpacking his just-released book, the insightful author/public commentator addresses retaking public schools from woke education activists; our education system is at a low point after 50 years of liberal indoctrination; CRT has been masked/taught in schools for decades; break down of black culture, not race, is the primary cause of poor education; sacrifices Asian parents make to properly educate their children; illegals drain the educational system; school administrators shamefully gaslighting children; the Supreme Court’s recent ruling on affirmative action is a win for America; “sheep dogs” fighting back against the “wolves.” Xu is the president of “Color Us United,” the organization seeking race-blind ideals we fundamentally agree upon.

Information for Kenny Xu:
Facebook: @kennymxu
Twitter: @kennymxu
Websites: colorusunited.org; schoolofwoke.com

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Dr. Steve Turley; Donna Fiducia and Don Neuen; Alex Newman

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