The President of Lopez Liberty LLC delves into the documentary film, “Death County & The River of Broken Dreams,” that reveals open southern border death/devastation; the horror of rape trees; why the Biden administration purposefully doesn’t want to secure the border; Catholic Charities’ involvement in placing illegals by the head; we better learn/care about Jungle Tigers; the purpose behind CCP police stations/special service stations in at least five U.S. cities; China establishing intelligence listening posts/joint training units in Cuba; China’s “unrestricted warfare” and “elite capture” tactics; getting the southern border under control; we must participate in local-level elections; beware, the rise of “colonias.”

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4 Responses

  1. Frances P. Gillespie

    We must close the Chinese embassy, Get all Chinese people who have crossed our border out of the country. We must stop all trade with China and impeach Biden for allowing China to build a base in China. What Biden is doing selling us out is a disgrace. An excellent interview, Gary

  2. Frances P. Gillespie

    It is so depressing that dems have allowed all of these Chinese into our country. They are up to no good. Biden/ Obama has allowed this and they are guilty of treason. The dems hate America and until we get a leader they will fear, things shall always get worse. I pray for our Republic and for President Trump.

    A great podcast Gary and always very informative

    • Gary Binford

      Thanks for sharing your great comments, Frances. We’re hopeful that people are waking up to what is becoming very apparent right in front of our noises. Or are we going to have to wait until they throw us in gulags before we finally wake up get it? This is why Clare and I do what we do and why you comment. We want to continue to live in freedom, not the bondage leftists and globalists would put us under!!!


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