The nationally-recognized America First Movement champion talks about her just-released debut book, “Unafraid: Just Getting Started,” that chronicles Lake’s unexpected rise from rural Iowa, to successful newscaster/broadcast journalist, a sabotaged Arizona governor candidacy in 2022, to Republican Party rising star; President Trump’s first notice and how his tumultuous journey inspires her politically/personally; we’re closer, not farther away, from taking back the country; the question that elicited this response, “Put down Hunter’s crack pipe”; using God’s gifts every step along the way; saving our nation by following President Trump’s America First policies; flipping the script on the fake news media; continuing the battle for Arizona election integrity; her future political aspirations; why this book will hook you.

Information for Kari Lake:
Twitter: @KariLake

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6 Responses

  1. Frances P. Gillespie

    On June12th I went to see Kari Lake speak at Club 47 in Palm Beach. She was a most incredible speaker who spent an hour talking about her new book “Unafraid”. I have a couple of pictures with her signing her copy of her book to me. Her story is a beautiful one and I suggest that anyone who believes in America First should read her book.

    We have suffered too long from the Marxist crooked bidens who have sold out our country out to the highest bidders. We love President Donald J. Trump who has saved our country before and can do it again. Kari Lake would make a great Vice President for our 47th Donald J. Trump. We need to take our country back with people who cannot be paid off and who love The American People.

    • Gary Binford

      So well stated, Frances. Thanks for listening and for chiming in. I saw those pictures of you and Kari at the book signing. Nice! And I’m confident she set straight the record about a lot of things that are being intentionally kept from We The People at the event you attended, and most certainly in her book. I had a blast recording/conversing with her. Kari Lake is indeed The Real Deal!!!

  2. Carol

    Thanks for the info, Gary.
    Tom and I are still active in JBS and miss your wisdom and input there, but you are doing everyone a great service with your podcasts!

    • Gary Binford

      Yes, it’s been a while, Carol. Thanks for listening and commenting. I really thought three years ago my future would include being involved in the conservative political scene, but God had a different direction for my life–ministry/ministering. So my contribution is this podcast, a God-ordained hobby. I’ve had a blast! Kari Lake is among the more than 100 high-profile guests that includes Morgan Brittany, Ben Carson, Monica Crowley, Diamond and Silk, Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, Pastor Jack Hibbs, Tom Homan, Mike Lindell, Judge Jeanine Pirro, Kevin Sorbo, Herschel Walker, Naomi Wolf. It has truly been a blessing!!!

  3. Susan Weingarten Ciarfello

    Fabulous podcast Gary! God be with Kari! Her focus is a dire one that we are VERY thankful for, The time has come to run those like Kari with supernatural courage, we are seeing this across the US with a good number of US Navy Seals in the game, I am encouraged! thank you for this podcast, God bless your good work!

    • Gary Binford

      Thank you for listening and commenting, Susan. Kari Lake gets it and is willing to put it all on the line for our nation when she was living very comfortably and didn’t have to do so. We need more people like her, bold and courageous.


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