The former hardcore Marxist-turned-John F. Kennedy Democrat unpacks why we’re on the precipice of another civil war; the left’s existential plan to make America a socialist nation; Joe Biden is a compulsive liar/the most heartless president ever; the Democratic Party is criminal/racist/anti-American; the open border situation is evil; the difference between leftist and conservative ideologies; how Democrats steal elections; his remarkable transformation coming from card-carrying Communist parents; going from pro-Black Panthers to exposing them. The founder/CEO of The David Horowitz Freedom Center, his best-selling book is entitled, “Final Battle: The Next Election Could Be The Last.”

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2 Responses

  1. Frances Gillespie

    Thank You Gary Binford for having David Horowitz on your show to talk about why the next election could b our last. You asked him some excellent questions about Biden: puppet or devil and I liked his clear pointed answer “Biden is a compulsive liar and he is nasty”. Horowitz is correct and to the point. You both had backgrounds that were similar, youthful years spent as a dem-communist later turning conservative. Biden takes bribes from China, so clearly Biden has more than a dementia problem. People should understand Jan. 6th was orchestrated by the dems and we were lied to. Zero police were killed. Kari Lake’s election was stolen by Hobbs and the left in a conflict of interests by Hobbs. I have been a life long Republican because I had dreams of being a business owner and did not want the government involved in my life. The last Great President we had was Trump and if the left is going to have “early” elections, I don’t see how we are going to win with cheating weeks in advance by dems. I hope we can come up with something better, however Soros’s money is very attractive to corrupt people. God help us!

    • Gary Binford

      Thank you for your kind and well thought-out comments, Frances. Also, I truly appreciate your political acumen, understanding of how things operate and why, and your clear prospective on who the bad guys are. Keep sounding the alarm, blaring it as loud and long as it takes, to wake up those sleeping in our electorate until they realize we’re in a war of subversion, mired in a battle for our constitutional lives that we cannot afford to lose!

      This is why I’m so blessed to have had as podcast guests former committed leftists/Democrats the likes of Kira Davis, Diamond and Silk, Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, Kevin McGary, Dick Morris, Peter Navarro, Star Parker, Brandon Tatum, Naomi Wolf and Horowitz for many still not in the know exactly how radicalized leftists have become and why they MUST be stopped or we’ll lose our freedom and liberty forever. So thank you, Frances, for being who you are and carrying the patriotic torch you do! And thanks for supporting the podcast. It’s greatly appreciated!!!


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