How well would your family and pets fare in an emergency? Planning is the key! Hosts Heidi Herriott and Tommy Fahey go in depth on planning for your pets. How to prepare, what to consider, and ensuring they will be fine with a change of circumstances. Everything from identifiers on the animal, to knowing where you can evacuate with your pets. They will reveal the reason Heidi insists her clients kennel train their dogs, and Tommy says you need to ‘put a cue on the poo!’ Check the links below for checklists, and share this episode with your fellow pet owners.

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Heidi Herriott’s Animal Tales podcast and DOGGONE GOOD INFORMATION podcast will alternate with an episode every Tuesday.

Episode Links
Federal planning checklists
FEMA planning information for pets

  • Check your county and state for information in your area
  • Call you county to inquire about pet friendly shelters
  • Make sure you have your shot/rabies records handy
  • Check hotels to confirm they allow pets and/or how many, size, etc.
  • Keep up your training program including kenneling and walking on a leash

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