A retired Army Infantry Colonel and former stand-up comic, Schlichter calls our military “a complete disaster,” “a woke garbage military;” Gen. Mark Milley the worst Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman in American history; addresses the great danger in a war with China; how to correct the military problem; harpoons several massive lies about Donald Trump; voices his concern Republicans aren’t ready for the 2024 elections; unpacks how Republicans can win elections and more. He’s a senior columnist at townhall.com and hosts the “Unredacted with Kurt Schlichter” podcast.

Information for Kurt Schlichter:
Twitter: @KurtSchlichter
website: townhall.com

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2 Responses

  1. Frances Gillespie

    An excellent interview as always. Your choice of Schlichter talking about Gen. Mark Milley was a hoot because he is a bad joke. I did like “Mad Dog” James N. Mattis who served under Trump. This diversity, inclusion, and equity leaves out merit. This is a very big mistake. We do not have a good military as Schlichter points out. Biden brings out the worst in people and our country is in very bad shape. We have no president but a fascist government. In Trump we had a real President who was respected on the world stage.
    The reason why Schlichter did not like what Trump said about DeSantis, was because Trump got him elected and DeSantis was so ungrateful to not thank him. If Trump did not intervene, Putnam would have won with his 40 point lead.
    Obviously Schlichter lives in an awful state and I don’t understand why. That is his problem. He was amusing.

    • Gary Binford

      I just saw this comment, Frances. Kurt was particularly interesting coming from a military background, as well as formerly being a stand-up comic. You don’t think of those two merging together, but in his case, they did. You’re spot on in regard to keeping our military strong and in the right frame of mind. President Trump did it. Biden wouldn’t know the first thing about it, nor would he want to, as is being proven on a daily basis.


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