The former CIA operative and Lopez Liberty LLC founder/president addresses security breach implications of classified documents found in Joe Biden’s possession; the huge victory for conservatives triggered by the Republican House speakership holdout; why the Founding Fathers battled to institute a Constitutional Republic; the motive behind political elites wanting an open southern border; how Marxism/Communism have taken hold in our nation; unpacks her recent essay, “How a CCP Operation Ensnared the USG.”

Information for Clare Lopez:
Telegram – Lopez Liberty | Twitter – (@ClareMLopez) | Facebook | Truth Social – @Clarecho

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2 Responses

  1. Lora

    Quit listening – Lopez sounded un-intelligent in her conversation.
    Every other words were um – ah -uh and repeated over and over and over again and again.

    • Gary Binford

      I just saw this. Sorry to hear that, Lora. Clare is a highly intelligent former CIA agent who knows what she’s talking about. She involved in helping our country remain free on a very high level. She may not have worked for you. But she’s a personal friend of mine, so believe me when I tell you she knows her stuff!


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