The acclaimed actor/director/producer shines a hot spotlight on voter fraud/the open southern border being 2022’s biggest issues; a wake-up call to lions; Hollywood/the mainstream media shaping culture negatively; exposing BLM/Antifa; the truth about oil; the climate change hustle; government using fear as a weapon; his illustrious career; critical issues for 2023; words of encouragement for the future.

Information for Kevin Sorbo:
Twitter: @ksorbs

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Former ICE Director Thomas Homan, Jenny Beth Martin, Tea Party Patriots co-founder

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6 Responses

  1. MaryAnn Maziar

    There are so few “celebrities” that do not even know what is truly going on, in the world. They just follow what all the other “stars” are doing and saying. They push the Democrat agenda (in my humble opinion. are anti-God and pro-Satan). Look at the movies, tv shows and listen to the vile music and when they spew their hate for Conservative/Christians. Kevin Sorbo, Kirk Cameron, Dean Cain, Candace Cameron- Burre, and a few others aren’t afraid to speak out. Thank God for them, and you, for bringing them forward to speak of Christianity.

    • Gary Binford

      Your “humble opinion” is spot on, MaryAnn. They are anti-God and pro-Satan; that’s the Socialist/Communist agenda. Thank you so much for your comments and for supporting the podcast.

  2. Lisa Jarrells

    The border is a clear and present danger! The general public just don’t understand! Love your podcasts thank you for including me.

    • Gary Binford

      You are so welcome, Lisa. Thank you for your kind comments. And, yes, the border is a disaster! Hopefully more light will be shined on this extremely dangerous situation now that the powers illegitimately in charge seem forced to acknowledge so.


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