Loving Animals – Emotion AND Practicality

As a society, we have become very emotional about our animals. In some cases, it actually hampers our ability to be practical in caring for and working with animals, and how we view and even judge others who love and care for animals as a vocation. In her premiere episode of Animal Tales, Heidi Herriott will give you a peak into her wonderful childhood growing up with animals, and how that created a desire as an adult to continue working with various species, and specializing in dogs and horses. She has enjoyed helping others create harmony with their pets and animals. Having shared her life with animals, she embraces and celebrates the bond we share with animals. Her famous father, John Herriott also reminisces on successfully working with and training animals, not only the physical aspect, but also the mental facet. Heidi will share her philosophy about animal welfare, and how that differs vastly from animal rights. If you love and care about animals, do not miss an episode of Heidi Herriott’s Animal Tales podcast! For more information about Heidi or future episodes of the podcast, go to www.heidiherriott.com.

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