Canceled by Hollywood before cancel culture existed hasn’t stopped Kevin from speaking out from Christian and conservative points of view. The actor/director/producer raises the curtain on the left’s obsession with fear, power and controlling our lives; the systematic dissembling of our Judeo-Christian history; Hollywood hypocrites touting Socialism/Communism while profiting from capitalism; virus/vaccine fallacies; his staunch pro-life stand; backstories behind several of his stellar movies and more.

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“Uncle Tom II” director Justin Malone and co-producer/co-writer Chad O. Jackson (available 9/27).

Information for Kevin Sorbo: | Twitter (@ksorbs)

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2 Responses

  1. Heather Williams

    Excellent work keep it up,Kevin you are awesome. Kevin comes from (Irish Gaelic) meaning gentle and lovable, David comes from (Hebrew) meaning beloved so your name suits you. I’m on Instagram my page is unspeakable_890 I messaged you on Instagram on your ksorbs page I hope you saw it.

    • Gary Binford

      I just saw this, Heather. Kevin is awesome! I’m recording him again next week, his fourth appearance on my podcast, his first in my new video format. Hope you’ll check it out. It will be out in a couple of weeks.


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