He’s an author, entrepreneur, and inventor. But it’s Jovan’s expertise as a forensic investigator, combined with his desire to help save our nation, that culminated in this explosive and revealing interview.

Information for Jovan Hutton Pulitzer:
Twitter (@jovanhpulitzer) | Telegram | Locals

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Dr. Naomi Wolf (available 6/14), Monica Crowley, Scott S. Powell, Star Parker, Dan Wos, Dr. Carol Swain

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5 Responses

  1. Matthew Hanson

    I never heard of Gary Binford. He has a great voice and he asks good questions. I listen to Jovan a lot, but I learned some new things on this podcast. Thanks for the show!

    • Gary Binford

      Thanks for checking out the podcast, Matthew. I’m glad you learned some things from Jovan that you didn’t already know. One of my primary focuses is to ask questions guests don’t normally get asked that I believe the listeners would like to hear answered. Thank you for your kind comments about me. And now that you’ve heard of me, I hope you’ll continued to listen to the podcast, which downloads on Tuesday, and that you’ll check out the podcast archives (I’ve included the link) or on your favorite podcast platform. I’m confident they’ll be several guests there you may want to hear. Once again, thanks for listening! –Gary Binford, United Patriots Uprising host

  2. Ron Harvey

    HI Gary. I’m so glad I dropped by. I know Jovan and now I know you. It’s good to see there are some realists still on our team. Thanks for having Jovan on your show and for encouraging the remnant who still believes America can be saved.

    I will share this discussion.

    God Bless America Again

    • Gary Binford

      Thanks for listening in and for your encouraging words, Ron. Jovan is the real deal, that’s for sure. America needs to hear what he has to say while we still have time to do something about it. Thanks for sharing!


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