Buckle up and get ready for quite a ride as author Vince Everett Ellison comes out swinging, blasting devastating lies Democrats sell as truth. His books are eye-opening cage-rattlers to say the least: “25 Lies: Exposing Democrats’ Most Dangerous, Seductive, Damnable, Destructive Lies and How to Refute Them,” and “The Iron Triangle: How Democrats are using race to divide Americans in their quest for power. And how we can stop them.”

Information for Vince Everett Ellison:
VinceEllison.com | Twitter: @VinceEEllison

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2 Responses

  1. Emily King

    Georgia HB 1464! Crucial to save the integrity of our elections! Please get this information out as soon as possible!
    This bill is a chain of custody bill that would help stop the theft of our votes. Please research and start pushing this bill. if you would like to speak to the woman who started this fight and single handedly got this bill to pass the house, her name is Dana Smith her contact info is Dana@smithstar.org
    her phone is 208-996-2251! She would love to have some airtime to speak to this bill and its importance. She is a regular American fighting the fight in Georgia. She is up against Stacey Abrams and her minions. Please help save Georgia. I hope you are open to interviewing her asap. Thanks for your time

    • Gary Binford

      I just saw this, Emily. The good news is after the 2022 elections debacle, many more Americans are taking election fraud seriously going into the 2024 elections. We’re getting precinct chair people is many more districts and have a much better understanding of why/how the enemies of We The People go about rigging things on both sides of the aisle.


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