Krush Performance: Player Development Start To Finish


This week on Krush Performance. we talk with Angus Mugford, Vice President of High Performance for the Toronto Blue Jays. We‘ll discuss the Blue Jays incredible Player Development Complex. It’s a $100 million dollar commitment to player development and it is one of the crown jewels in all of sport!

We will talk about their approach to player performance and the true meaning behind their mantra: “Get Better Every Day.”

Also, MLB caliber players are coming from all over the world. We talk with Tom Gillespie, Pittsburgh Pirates Scout and Supervisor for Europe and Africa, about the hunt for talent and what they are looking for. We’ll look at how Tom and a very cool group of people are using baseball to bring youth together to play ball in some of the most challenging locations on Earth through their incredible Play Global Program.

Its player development start to finish on this week’s episode of Krush Performance Podcast!

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