Krush Performance: The Case Against Sugar


This week, the Krush War On Sugar rages on with a vengeance! Now, more than ever, we need to address the growing rates of obesity and overweight and all the health risks associated with them.

This newfound urgency is largely driven by research associated with the COVID pandemic. Research indicates people who are overweight, obese, or have one or more preventable chronic diseases are more susceptible to the deadly effects of COVID infection.


  • In Mexico, new bans on selling junk food to anyone under 18 without a parent present.
  • In the U.S., new dietary guidelines take aim at daily sugar consumption for both children and adults.

On this episode of the Krush Performance War On Sugar, we talk with Gary Taubes, investigative science and health journalist, speaker, and author.

You may know Gary from his many published articles, his appearances on network newscasts or his contributions to the powerful Krush must-watch documentaries, “Fat” and “Sugar Coated.” Gary has followed the sugar industry and the impact sugar has had on our health for decades. His perspective and knowledge are a critical piece for understanding the true issues surrounding sugar in our diets.

Knowledge is POWER – Action is POWERFUL

Get set for one of the most important episodes of the Krush War On Sugar to date as we look at the history of the sugar industry and how we have arrived at this tipping point in human health.

It’s time to act. Save your health. Save your children’s health and for our athletes save your performance.


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