Krush Performance: The Krush War On Sugar Returns With Dr. Ann de Wees Allen

KP - PHOTO FOR RI SHOWThis week on Krush Performance, we take a quick look at the return of professional sport and we get back to the battlefield in the Krush War On Sugar. Get set for a fast-paced, jam-packed conversation as we talk with Krush favorite, Dr. Ann de Wees Allen, Chief of The Biomedical Research Glycemic Research Institute.

We take a deep dive into the true science of nutrition and how your body and brain react to the food and beverages you consume and look at why the Glycemic Index is so important, so misunderstood, and so underappreciated, why are all calories are not equal, and the true implications of the Glycemic Load and Insulin Index.

Understanding these concepts is critical for truly fueling performance and it goes much deeper than we first realized.

We’re talking about bio and brain energetics, energy metabolism, and the very latest on metabolic coding, the science behind how your brain and body respond to the fuel you put in your body.

We cover what you need to know about the food you eat and how it impacts your performance in sport & life and we get some expert advice on what you can do right now to better fuel your body and brain.

The #KrushWarOnSugar returns with a vengeance as we look at the real science of fueling performance how your body actually handles the fuel you consume.

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