Krush Performance: Upping Your Mental Game During The Shutdown

KP - PHOTO FOR RI SHOWWe have been framing the COVID-19 shutdown as a unique opportunity to get better. Using this unprecedented downtime to work on things that you would not normally be able to work on.

We have been posting “Krush Stay Sharp Drills” on all of our social media and today, we are looking at one of the areas that can not only help you perform better but may also simply help you feel better in these challenging times…..the mental game.

We are joined by Krush favorite, registered psychologist John Stevenson of Zone Performance, as we discuss the importance of your mindset as we work through the shutdown and how mindfulness can be a powerful tool in helping you feel and perform better.

We’ll discuss:

• Biofeedback
• Neurofeedback
• Cognitive Perceptual Training
• Mental Toughness
• Memory
• Training Brain Processing Speed

If you’re looking for ways to improve yourself and your performance, this episode of Krush Performance is just for you.

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  1. Mental Focus: Upping Your Mental Game | Zone Psychology Edmonton

    […] I think it’s critically important to keep our focus on the right things during this challenging time. We must keep on our focus on the things that we have direct control over to stay sharp and manage our mental health. I had the great honor to sit down with my friend and colleague Jeff Krushell (aka “the krusher”) and discuss the specific things that athletes can do during this downtime to maximize their training and in my opinion actually be better athletes and human beings once the season resumes. Check out this podcast for more details. […]


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