Krush Performance: 2020 Goals, Objectives, & Setting Up A Blueprint For Success w/Jim Fannin

KP - PHOTO FOR RI SHOWAre you focused? Are you in the moment? If your thoughts are in the past, if they are in the future, or focused on the wrong things, it is VERY difficult to be successful. It’s virtually impossible.

On this week’s episode, we lay it all out as we discuss what you need to be thinking about as you get set to attack your goals and objectives with Krush favorite, the World’s #1 Coach of Champions, America’s Zone Coach, Jim Fannin.

We talk strategy, procedure, and we break down some goals and objectives sent in by our audience.

If you are chasing down a dream or if you are a parent, coach, teacher or employer, this is a MUST LISTEN episode of Krush Performance as we set you up for chasing down your goals and objectives or creating the support and environment that will help propel those around towards their goal and objectives.

What can you take away from the last 10 years and 2019 to set you up for attacking 2020? Closing down 2019 and shutting down a Decade, we set you up to attack 2020. Look back to learn, look forward to plan, and get locked into the present.

There are tricks to the trade as you set up your performance plan for 2020 and beyond. It is much like constructing a blueprint for a house, a sports car, or a skyscraper.

This week on Krush Performance, we show you how.

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