Krush Performance: Krushing The New Year

KP - PHOTO FOR RI SHOWHappy New Year to All! First off, I’d like to personally thank all of our listeners, sponsors, partners and guests for making Krush Performance one of the top performance podcasts in the world. There is nothing quite like doing something you love, helping others, and having some fun along the way. 2020 is going to be an epic year here at Krush Performance and we’d can wait to get after it.

On this week’s episode, we set up our Performance Plan for 2020. We have three major themes that we will be attaching in 2020 along with all of the other great research, storylines, and Krush Stuff that we love.

Our three major themes for 2020 are:

  • Organizational Performance
  • Specialization in Sport
  • The Krush War on Sugar #KrushWARonSUGAR

So, on this week’s episode, we go back to two of the most powerful interviews from 2019 that help set up our assault on 2020.

For organizational performance, we go back to our incredible conversation with James Kerr, author of “Legacy: What the All Black can Teach us About the Business of Life.” One of my favorite books and a Krush “Must Read”. I could not wait to talk with James about his experiences with the All Black who may very well be the most successful sporting organization in all of sport.

Then, in the spirit of addressing specialization, the dangers and downside of doing more, and doing too much too soon, we go back to a conversation with Krush Favorite Dr. Joe Baker, Sport Scientist at York University, as we lay out the issues, the dangers and the opportunities for those who really want to make a difference for our athletes.

So, here we go!!! Let’s wrap up 2019 and attack 2020 full speed.


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