Krush Performance: I’m Worried About Your Potential


Is it possible that we are destroying more talent than we are creating? Hard YES from me.

I just returned from a great trip to an Elite Baseball Academy and I was taken back by a meeting I had with an upcoming 14 year old. I was impressed more than anything, his approach preparation and the game itself were beyond his years, his work ethic and dedication cannot be questioned but I was taken back by where he thought he should be as a 14 year old player. Should he be competing with players 2-3-4 years older than he is? Is the pressure on to be a complete and finished player, hitting the ball hard, covering more ground throwing harder and more often. NO. NO. And NO!

We are putting a lot of pressure on ourselves to be better or be more and to do it all right now. Development, skill, and talent acquisition are all part of a long game.

A 14 year ball player old does not have to worry about being a polished finished player – he won’t get his shot at the big leagues until his early 20s… nine years away.

Develop, get better and most of all, have FUN! We talk about it on this episode.

Also, I caught a great article in The Athletic by our good friend, Allan Mitchell. The article broke down Connor McDavid’s performance contributions to the Edmonton Oliers. The number BLEW ME AWAY and it got me thinking about the power of one player & the importance of talent!!

We have a great discussion regarding this with Al and we ask the Krush Question of the Day:

Who is the Greatest Impact Team Player of All Time?

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