Krush Performance: Injuries, Burnout, And The Velocity Trap!

KP - PHOTO FOR RI SHOWWhat would you say if I said, “We are destroying more Talent than we are creating?” Could it be possible? How do I justify even saying such things??

On this week’s episode of Krush Performance, we take a look at the first month of Major League Baseball and we talk player development, injuries, prevention, and player health with Jamie Reed, Senior Director Medical Operations for the Texas Rangers.

While youth sport is experiencing a disturbing trend in dropout rates, they are at an all-time high in youth sport. The injury rates in the game of baseball are as disturbing from the grassroots game right up to the Big Leagues.

We discuss the injury trends in baseball, why they are happening, and what you can do to protect yourself and your players:

  • What are the top priorities in staying healthy?
  • Why Specialization in Baseball is a VERY risky move.
  • We’ll look at new Turf Technology and we discuss:

Could where you live impact your development and your risk of injury?

 Get set for another fast-paced informative jam packed episode of Krush Performance.

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