Krush Performance: The Human Side of the NHL Trade deadline & Baseball is Back


“Trade Bait.”

“Out with the Old in With the New.”

“Who’s Selling & Who’s Buying??”

The NHL Trade Deadline is an incredibly important time for organizations & Players. Let’s face it, sport is first and foremost a business and from the players perspective a commodities market – guns for hire – make yourself valuable & earn a job. But, there is a human element to sport and player moves that CANNOT be ignored.

We are going to look behind the curtains of player trades and discuss the impact from both the player and organizational perspective with Krush Favorite, Manny Schmidt, President & CEO of Link Management International, Registered Player Agent NHLPA & CFLPA.

And, Baseball is Back Baby!!

Pitchers & Catchers have reported and with Main Camps are opening there is Lots to talk about:

  • Free agency
  • Rule changes
  • Tension in the ranks
  • How the game has changed!!
  • Getting ready for the season….

And I’m just getting back from a great trip to our MLB player development academy in Brazil these programs are a true testament to the incredible impact of a positive performance environment, we discuss what that looks like.

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