DC POST IMAGEWell, this week’s Dangerous Conversation was recorded after finishing 8 beers. (Normally, I have about three over the two hour period but you know…..) So, it’s buzz time from the git go!!! Was I drunk? Sorta. lol

Tonight is about top ten lists: Top 10 TV meltdowns, the most censored stories of 2016, top 10 drunk redneck moments..you get my drift.

I had a blast doing it and the wheels came off WONDERFULLY at least have a dozen times, a sure sign of an entertaining podcast. A few mini rants about marchers and protests and the massive influx of pissed off people on Facebook. All in all, a fun, dizzy night of amazing fart sound effects with a game show appeal and even a visit from Darth Vader himself talking about how bad a 700 year old little green man smells.

Don’t worry you serious types, There’s plenty more podcasts for you to get angry with me at but not this one.

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