Fabulous Sports Babe: Hero Sports’ Brian McLaughlin Talks FCS Football

FSB - PHOTO FOR RI SHOWEverybody is stoked for the NCAA Football National Championship Game in Tampa coming up in a few weeks but what about the smaller schools in the FCS? The former Division II schools? I mean, think about the #2 pick of last year’s NFL Draft being Carson Wentz of North Dakota State. The FCS feeds quite a few pros into the NFL and no one knows who they are. Well, almost no one.

The Babe wanted to learn more about the FCS so she reached out to Brian McLaughlin of Hero Sports. The former writer of Sporting News now focuses strictly on the FCS and small schools for Hero Sports.

They discuss NFL prospects in the FCS, the current playoff system they use to determine their national championship (BCS, take note!!!!), and everything you’ll ever want to know about the FCS!

All of that and more on this week’s podcast! Thanks for listening and don’t forget to rate and review the show on iTunes and Stitcher!

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